The 3,000-mile oil change concept is no longer applicable

Growing up you probably saw your parents or grandparents change the engine oil regularly. Often after covering a distance of 3,000 miles. While this was a good practice back then, it is no longer applicable today. Lithia Hyundai of Fresno says that modern cars have engines that are more powerful and that the oil chemistry as changed over the years.

Most new rides can use the miles for 5,000, 7,500, 10,000 and 15,000 depending on the model as well as the driving condition. If you drive on rough roads, you cover short distances and make many stops, and if you drive in hot weather covering steep roads, your vehicle will need a frequent oil change. Nonetheless, the change does not have to be after 3,000 miles.

Visit Lithia Hyundai of Fresno to get a clear understanding of how often you should change the oil in your car. You can also get a better understanding of your car manual from by asking the experienced technicians any questions.
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