Valuable Information About the End of Your Lease

Most people don’t know much about cars, trucks, and motor vehicles in general. However, without them, we couldn’t expect to get to the miles-away grocery store in a handful of minutes, get to work obligations on time, or reasonably fulfill loads of our daily obligations.

Further, a large amount of drivers lease the vehicle that they currently have access to. Seeing as those leases stop at some point in the upcoming months or years, it’s important to be fully aware and informed regarding what will happen at that lease’s end. Here are your options at Lithia Hyundai of Fresno.

You can be extended an offer to buy the vehicle you are leasing with cash, which sometimes – not always, however – comes with a discount.

You can also choose to lease another new car, allowing you to drive a different new Hyundai model of your choosing.

You could also simply return the leased car and the keys and walk away. The process is hassle-free and straightforward here at Lithia Hyundai of Fresno.

Consider calling our auto financing specialists here in Fresno if you have any questions about leasing!

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