Understanding The Importance of Timing Belt Maintenance

Your vehicle's timing belt is an essential piece of equipment necessary for safely operating your car. The timing belt enables the engine to run by synchronizing the turning of the car's camshaft and crankshaft. A timing belt that suddenly breaks will completely stop your vehicle and may even lead to expensive engine repairs. You can count on the service department at Lithia Hyundai of Fresno to handle timing belt replacements before an inconvenient breakdown occurs.

Check your owner's manual for recommended timing belt maintenance, including complete timing belt replacement. A new belt should be installed after 60,000 to 100,000 miles of driving. Difficulty in starting your car, high-pitched shrieking sounds, or seeing fraying or staining are all signs that prompt timing belt replacement is required.

Our Lithia Hyundai of Fresno service technicians also replace tensioners and pulleys along with the belt to ensure optimal and safe performance of your vehicle for another 60,000 miles.

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